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        Content Removal / Abuse / DMCA

        Before you will send this form, we want you to understand:

        • Our site is fully automatic adult videos search engine.
        • We do not own, produce or upload any photos or videos that you see on our sites.
        • The linked pictures/videos are automatically crawled and added into our database by our spider scripts from 3rd party sites.
        • Thumbnails are automatically generated from the videos that hosted on these sites.
        • We don't own these 3rd party sites and can not control it.
        • By your request we will remove any illegal photo and link, but not the original content from the source site.
        • To remove original picture or video, please contact owner of 3rd party website directly.

        To remove the content from our site, please send us the following details:

        • URL of our site where you see the illegal content
        • URL of the linked page where illegal content is hosted (3rd party site)
        • Title of video or decription
        • Thumbnail url

        We have a zero-tolerance policy against any illegal pornography. If you see any illegal content on our site - report it immediately.

        please, enter working email address
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